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Art is not the possession of the few who are recognized writers, painters, musicians; it is the authentic expression of any and all individuality.

- John Dewey

Creative Practice

Theater Lights


Agamemnon & Clytemnestra: Special Victims Unit (2024)
UHI Drama

Alice in Wonderland (2024)
UHI Drama


The Wedding Singer (2023)
Inverness Musical Theatre Company


Animal Farm (2022)
UHI Drama


A Midsummer Night’s Dream [online] (2021)
UHI Drama

Homeward Bound (2021 & 2019)
Lesley Goodburn & Seth’s Legacy

Antigone (2020)
UHI Drama


Macbeth (2019)
UHI Drama


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2019)
UHI Drama (co-dir.)


Under Milkwood (2019)

Eden Court Theatre


Traffik (2017) 

Strangetown Theatre


We Are Not Criminals (2016) 

New Celts Productions & Forty Elephants

Only the Brave (AD) (2016) 
Strangetown Theatre & National Theatre for Scotland

Where Next (AD) (2016) 
Strangetown Theatre 


Gagarin Way (2015) 

New Celts Productions & Mindframe Theatre



Artichoke Trust | Processions (2018)
Responsible for overseeing communications, set up, installation and operation. As well as supporting the procession itself, managing accessibility routes for those participating


Toaster Lab | Transmission (2017)
An augmented reality installation and live show project across 29 interactive sites in Edinburgh. Audience engagement through a phone app. Supported location management, project operation and logistics , technical set up and strike of live shows, and stakeholder management from the Scotland side.


Butt-in Productions | The Man Who Shouldn't Be Here (2017)
Working as a producer for the project. Managed rehearsal schedule, cast and crew, and performance logistics.


Marvel Studios | Avengers: Infinity Wars (2017) 
Supporting on location marshalling during the Edinburgh fiming. 


Hot Feat Canada | Counting Sheep (2016)
Supporting the production on the lead up to the fringe; venue management, box office management, staffing and operations of FOH.

Grid Iron | Letters Home (2015)
Supporting the production through FOH. Audience engagement, support and guiding through the multi-site procession performance.

Wild Organic Shapes on a stage

Youth Theatre

Borealis Theatre Arts (2023) 

Supporting with youth classes and Positive Stories for Negative Times in partnership with Wonderfools. 


Strangetown Theatre (2014-2017)
Working as a workshop leader, assistant director and director across ages 8-18yrs. Worked on projects such as Only the Brave(2016) in partnership with NTS connections as well as Where Next(2016) at the Traverse Theatre, and Traffik (2017) a promenade performance in the Out of the Blue Drill Hall.


TheatreFX Arts Academy (2014-2015)
Workshop specialist in drama. Designing and delivering weekly classes to children ages 5 to 18 years. Each term would have a key focus around skills building and development.


Stagecoach Theatre Arts Inverness (2013-2014)
With each term alternating between skills development and text-based or devised performance within the contexts of drama and voice, workshops were designed in response to the needs of the school, and or the production chosen. Director of Honk Jr.


Razzamataz Theatre School Edinburgh (2013)
Working with the Saturday school developing skills in performance and drama. Experience in both text and devised work. Stage manager and producer for A Night in the 80s, and a promenade site specific Halloween Extravaganza.


Caterpillar Music (2012-2014)
Workshop leader for babies 0-preschool exploring music, movement and sensory experiences. Worked in parent and baby groups, as well as in nursery and preschool settings.


Computer Xplorers (2011-2017)
Workshop delivery of afterschool club curriculum, working with children 6-11yrs on computer skills, using software like Sketchup, Scratch, Lego, and Minecraft.

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