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Weekly Teen Drama Class
Wednesday's 4.30-6pm
Columba Hotel, Ness Walk, Inverness.  

Who is it for? 

This class is ideal for teen beginners, and experienced performers alike! Whether you're looking to develop skills, build confidence, or prepare for a future career in the industry, there is something for everyone. Suitable for 13-17years. 

What's it all about?

Empowering Teen Performers: DramaDeconstructed offers a transformative experience for teenagers aged 13-17, empowering them to explore the world of performing arts with confidence.


Skill-Building Drama Classes: Our tailored curriculum focuses on honing acting techniques, improvisation, character development, and stage presence, equipping teens with essential skills for both on and off-stage success.


Confidence Through Creativity: Through engaging actvities and supportive guidance, DramaDeconstructed fosters a nurturing environment where teens can express themselves creatively, boosting self-esteem and confidence.


Interactive Learning: Our dynamic approach to drama education encourages active participation, collaboration, and creative problem-solving, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable learning experience for every student.


Expert Instruction: Led by experienced instructors passionate about the performing arts, DramaDeconstructed provides expert guidance and personalized feedback to help teens unlock their full potential as performers.


Safe and Inclusive Environment: We prioritize creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space where teens of all backgrounds feel empowered to explore their creativity, express themselves authentically, and forge lasting connections with peers who share their passion for drama.


Preparation for the Stage and Beyond: Whether pursuing a career in the arts or simply seeking to develop lifelong skills, DramaDeconstructed equips teens with the tools they need to shine on stage, excel in academics, and thrive in any future endeavor.

Let’s Work Together

If you have queries, or want to learn more, why not follow me online, or drop me a message! 

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