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Spotlight Sessions

7-10pm - Next Session TBC

Who is it for? 

Spotlight Sessions is a monthly scratch event that has two aims;  to support new work within the creative and performing arts by providing a platform to share and grow. And to continue to build the incredible creative community in the Highlands of Scotland. 

This is a public event, that invites all kinds of new and developing work from stand up to theatre, to poetry and song. 

You can choose to attend as a creative to share work, or as an audience member to support others. Regardless, this informal evening puts people and experiences at the heart of creativity. 

What's it all about?

Interactive Feedback Platform: Engage in an interactive platform where creatives are encouraged to share their works in progress with a supportive audience. Our monthly Spotlight Sessions provide a nurturing environment for artists to showcase their projects and receive valuable feedback from peers and audience members.


Community Collaboration: Foster a sense of community and collaboration among artists of all backgrounds and disciplines. Spotlight Sessions offer a unique opportunity for creatives to connect, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive ecosystem that celebrates artistic expression and innovation.


Constructive Critique: Receive constructive critique and insightful feedback on your work from a diverse audience of fellow artists, enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Our Spotlight Sessions are guided by a spirit of constructive criticism and mutual respect, creating a safe and encouraging space for artists to grow and evolve in their creative practice.


Performance Enhancement: Use the Spotlight Sessions as a platform to refine your performances, presentations, or artistic projects. Whether you're a musician, actor, writer, filmmaker, or visual artist, our monthly events provide an invaluable opportunity to test new material, experiment with different approaches, and fine-tune your craft in front of a live audience.


Public Exposure: Showcase your talents and creative endeavors to a wider audience through our public Spotlight Sessions. With open invitations to the community, these events offer exposure and visibility for artists looking to share their work with a broader audience and build their professional networks.


Inspiration and Encouragement: Be inspired and encouraged by the works of your fellow artists as you witness the creative process in action. Spotlight Sessions are not just about receiving feedback; they're also about celebrating creativity, embracing experimentation, and supporting one another on our artistic journeys. Join us each month for an inspiring evening of artistic exploration, collaboration, and growth.

Let’s Work Together

If you have queries, or want to learn more, why not follow me online, or drop me a message! 

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