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NEW! ActSmart
A weekly drama class for 4-12years

Wednesday's (4-7yrs) 4.10-5pm
Wednesday's (8-12yrs) 5-6pm

Telford Retail Park, Unit 8, Carsegate Rd, Inverness, IV3 8EX

Who is it for? 

This class, is less of a class and more of a club! It is ideal for young children who love drama, and for those who have never given it a go too! With an understanding that everyone has different needs, ActSmart aims to develop students who are SMART; Supported, motivated, Artistic, Resilient, and Tenacious! All skills our young people need to thrive! 

It's the perfect space to play, build confidence, and create! Suitable for 4-7years, and 8-12years. 

What's it all about?

ActSmart - Little Stars (Ages 4-7)

Focus: Introduction to drama and confidence building through play and imagination.

  • Supported: Students will receive gentle guidance and encouragement as they engage in activities that enhance their creativity and imagination, such as storytelling and simple role-playing.

  • Motivated: Through fun and engaging activities, students will explore characters' simple motivations and desires, building empathy and understanding.

  • Artistic: Little Stars will be encouraged to express themselves freely, nurturing their unique artistic voices from an early age.

  • Resilient: Activities are designed to help young students learn to adapt and recover quickly, promoting a positive attitude towards overcoming small challenges.

  • Team Players: Through consistent participation, students will develop working with others, perseverance and a love for drama, laying the foundation for future growth.

ActSmart - Rising Stars (Ages 8-12)

Focus: Developing basic acting skills and understanding of drama concepts, whilst developing team work and confidence.

  • Supported: Students will receive structured guidance to work on script reading, character development, and improvisation, helping them hone their drama skills and creative abilities.

  • Motivated: Rising Stars will delve deeper into understanding characters' motivations and their own, enhancing their ability to portray emotions.

  • Artistic: The club encourages students to explore different styles and perspectives, fostering originality and artistic depth in their performances.

  • Resilient: Through group performances and exercises, students will learn to adapt to new roles and recover from performance setbacks, building resilience.

  • Team Players: Rising Stars will face more challenging tasks, helping them develop commitment and determination as they refine their skills and navigate the complexities of drama through group working and collaboration.

Let’s Work Together

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