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You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

 —A.A. Milne


Art Class

Learning and Teaching

Planning and delivering classes across both Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) provision in creative arts contexts - level 6 to 11.


Creating, developing and managing content, teaching materials and resources in a virtual learning environments (LMS)


Writing, delivering, marking and verifying assessment materials and feedback for both formative and summative contexts relating to curriculum through levels 6-10.


Cultivating and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders to support student learning and engagement with community projects.

Assessment and feedback delivery across all cohorts, and in varied forms of communication. 


Project management and facilitation of experiential learning opportunities. To date having worked with 10+ organisations on 22 different student developed community projects within the contexts of health, wellbeing, education and community.


Trauma informed, pastoral care and student support through their academic studies, often through personal challenges that have arisen.

Curriculum Development

Co-writer of the PGCert Festival and Events Management programme incorporating asynchronous learning and teaching approaches.


Co-writer of the BA (hons) Drama and Production programme.


Wrote and developed ten modules; P

  • Physical Theatre in Performance,

  • Audio Performance,

  • Theatre Design and the Imagination,

  • Introduction to Directing,

  • Live and Online Digital Performance,

  • Applied Drama (education and community & Health and wellbeing),

  • Corporate and Commercial Performance,

  • Entrepreneurship and Production,

  • Group Devised Project,

  • fourth year practical project module titled Autonomous Practitioner.


Wrote, designed, and developed a new module assessment support pack for SQA - Acting for Camera level 7.


Wrote, designed, developed, and delivered the NPA Acting and Theatre Performance programme.


Co-wrote, designed, developed, and delivered the NC Acting and Theatre Performance.


Program Leadership experience -

  • NPA Acting and Theatre Performance,

  • NC Acting and Theatre Performance,

  • HNC acting and Performance,

  • PgCert Festival and Events Management.

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